David Markus is my name, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been playing around with computers: from my first scripts on an old MSX Clone to the first touch of the mouse on a Mac SE. Later came the hobby of building my own web-, mail- and application-servers. At some point my hobby became my job and years later I can still find joy in figuring out complex problems and situations.

I also figured out that there’s more to life than just work. I participated in extracurricular events in college, I volunteered at a youth center, co-founded a music platform, I immersed into photography and toured around the country as a VJ.

Nowadays I enjoy a long walk with our dog, an evening filled with new technology, organize a beer tasting for friends and spend time with my wife and two wonderful daughters.


Recent Badges
Work Experience
2018 - current Cloud Architect @ X-talent
2015 - 2018 Infrastucture Architect @ Atos
2012 - 2015 Storage Specialist @ Atos
2007 - 2015 Freelance Visual Artist
2005 - 2012 Unix Specialist @ Atos
2006 - 2008 co-founder 3VOOR12/Eindhoven
2003 - 2005 Control Center Operator @ Atos
2002 - 2003 Junior Consultant @ OGD
Recent Projects
2020 Cloud Architect
2019 Transition Consultant
2018 - current Cloud Competence Lead
2018 Security Consultant
2016 - 2018 Transition Architect
2016 Transition Architect
2016 Transition Architect
2016 Storage Architect
2015 - 2016 Migration Architect
2013 - 2014 Storage Specialist


            // hp: hide second field

            $("#reset").click(function() {
                // $("#contactform").trigger("reset");
                return false;
            // $("#formId").get(0).reset()
            $("#submit").click(function(e) {

                var source = "contact form www.davidmarkus.nl",
                name = $("#scf_name").val(),
                email = $("#scf_email").val(),
                message = $("#scf_message").val();

                // hp check, if ok: continue
                if (($.trim($("#scf_one").val()) === '') && ($("#scf_two").val() === "your@email.com") && ($("#scf_occupation").val() === "no"))  {
                // Probably not a bot, continue

                    // Check if required fields are filled in
                    if (($.trim($("#scf_name").val())  === '') || ($.trim($("#scf_email").val())  === '') || ($.trim($("#scf_message").val())  === '')) {
                    // 	alert('Required field is empty.');
                        $('#form-response').text('Required field is empty.');
                        return false;

                    if (!isEmail(email)) {
                        // alert('Email is invalid.');
                        $('#form-response').text('Email is invalid.');
                        return false;

                        type: "POST",
                        url: 'https://v3x353n8ck.execute-api.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/test/submit',
                        contentType: 'application/json',
                        crossDomain: true,
                        dataType: 'json',
                        data: JSON.stringify({
                            'source': source,
                            'name': name,
                            'email': email,
                            'message': message
                      success: function(res){
                            $('#form-response').text('The form was submitted succesfully.');
                            // alert('The form was submitted succesfully.');
                                     }, 10000);
                        error: function(){
                            $('#form-response').text('A problem has occured, please try again.');
                            // alert('A problem has occured, please try again.');
                            // location.reload();

                    function isEmail(email) {
                        var regex = /^([a-zA-Z0-9_.+-])+\@(([a-zA-Z0-9-])+\.)+([a-zA-Z0-9]{2,4})+$/;
                        return regex.test(email);
                }  else {
                    $('#form-response').text('I have a strong suspicion you are a spambot!');
                    // alert('I have a strong suspicion you are a spambot!');

                             }, 10000);
                    return false;
<form id="contactform" onkeypress="return event.keyCode!=13">
<fieldset class="field half first">
<label for="scf_name">Name (Required)</label>
<input name="scf_name" id="scf_name" type="text" value="" placeholder="Your Name">
<fieldset class="field half">
<label for="scf_email">Email (Required)</label>
<input name="scf_email" id="scf_email" type="text" value="" placeholder="Your Email">
<fieldset class="field">
<label for="scf_occupation">Are you a spambot?</label>
<select name="scf_occupation" id="scf_occupation">
    <option value="yes">Yes, I am a spambot (default)</option>
    <option value="yes">I plead the fifth</option>
    <option value="no">No, I am a genuine human being</option>
<fieldset class="field">
<label for="scf_message">Message (Required)</label>
<textarea name="scf_message" id="scf_message"  placeholder="Your Message"></textarea>
<fieldset class="no_field">
<label for="scf_one">Please leave this field blank</label>
<input name="scf_one" id="scf_one" type="text" value="" >
<fieldset class="field" id="scf_2">
<label for="scf_two">Fake Email</label>
<input name="scf_two" id="scf_two" type="text" value="your@email.com" >
<div class="actions" id="submit">
 <input type="submit" class="special" id="submit" value="Send Message">
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